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Tom Eddins
Evolutionary Astrology

Helping You Reclaim Your Fire


Meet Tom

Tom walks with people through the crossroads of their uncertainties. If you're struggling with a decision or just feeling shaky about something, Tom can help you find clarity, purpose, inspiration and empowerment. His work with astrology focuses on defining characteristics of your soul's journey here in this lifetime as revealed in your natal chart. He'll point out aspects of your life and  personality that feel so innate, you'd say you were born that way, and then also help you to understand the subtle and unfamiliar ways your future self calls you forward. In this way, he will help you see the long arc of your time here on Earth and encourage you to recognize the opportunities when they arise to update to a more current version of you. 

Zodiac Chart

Evolutionary Astrology


Evolutionary Astrology is built on the precept that the purpose of life is to learn and grow. In recognizing this we can start to characterize the patterns we create through our choices and actions (our karma, so to speak). What the astrology chart does is give us a tool to see the trajectory of our growth from a very expanded perspective.


The job of an evolutionary astrologer is to explain and help you reflect on the two ends of this trajectory - where you're coming from and what you're moving toward. This is why I like to refer to Evolutionary Astrology as providing a soul compass! 


Tom's Specializations

No matter what the charts hold, Tom helps his clients come to greater self-understanding, presence and motivation in their lives . Once you connect with Tom, he will be able to guide you on your journey forward.

Natal Chart Readings

If you've never had a reading with Tom before then a natal reading is the place to start. The natal chart shows the map and Evolutionary Astrology provides the compass!

Transits and Progressions Consultations

Transits and progressions give a weather report for your life's journey. You might say progressions give a sense of how you're evolving on your journey and transits give you a local report of changing conditions. 

Knowing this can bring hope for brighter times and help you prepare for upcoming challenges.

Astrology Tutoring

Tom also offers tutoring for those who want to understand the nuts and bolts of Evolutionary Astrology and how to read charts themselves. Tom draws upon his 15+ years of experience teaching Chinese medicine and is quite gifted at making complex subjects understandable.

Book a Natal Chart Reading

What Clients Say

I was gifted a reading with Tom Eddins for my birthday.  I was already somewhat familiar with Tom’s work through his New Moon and Full Moon video talks on Facebook.  What an amazing experience to have a personal reading.  It went beyond any expectations I had.  I’ve had astrology readings in the past, but they had only scratched the surface of what Tom got into in my reading.  He covered a tremendous amount of material in deep, insightful, and intuitive ways.  The most helpful aspect for me was the North and South Nodes discussion.  His explanation and reading from my chart was so incredibly accurate with my past experiences, and also brought me more confidence and drive to keep pushing forward with my creative work.  He mentioned things in my chart that were right in line with my writing, and the similarities were startling and magical.  He brought clarity to some of my past struggles and offered insights for the path through them.  I left the reading with Tom with an incredible feeling of validation, wisdom, and confidence. 

Holly R.


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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